Squad Stores

Squad Stores™ – the new revolutionary Kit Builder solution

Introducing Squad Stores™, a revolutionary solution from Kit Builder designed to give your clients exactly what they’ve been waiting for. 

This advanced platform empowers you to create personalized stores featuring unique items tailored precisely to your customers’ preferences.

Squad Stores

All eCommerce and higher Kit Builders come with 5 FREE Stores to get started! 

Squad Stores

If you need more than 5 stores, adding extra is easy! Just talk to your account manager about the next steps.

The seamless integration of Squad Stores™ allows you to populate multiple unique stores and make them live within minutes. The platform will use your current Kit Builder products, meaning there is minimal setup on your end, with lots of pay off. 

Once you’ve configured the store’s basic information, choose from the range of products and designs already set up on your selected distributor. Even with an extensive product range, the easy-to-use filters make finding what you are looking for really simple. 

Next, you will use the Kit Builder customization window in the back end of your Kit Builder to design the product exactly how the customer would like it. This means selecting colours, patterns, etc., and placing logos and text on the product. All these options will come from the previously determined Product Journey that was set up with the Kit Builder product. 

A Squad Store’s purpose is to simplify the ordering process for your clients. In short, you will add a product into their store that is 90% ready to order, the customer will then be able to come to the site, select the product, and change anything you allow them to within new, more controlled parameters. 

For example, you may design an away Kit for a Football team, that already has the correct design, colours, logos, and text placements – customers can then effortlessly select the product, and supply their player name, number, and size before checking out. 

Squad Stores

Don’t worry, after adding a design to your Squad Store, you can come back to make edits to it whenever you want.

The beauty of Squad Stores™ lies in its adaptability, it can be applied to anything. Whether you’re catering to sports teams or planning exclusive merch drops, this platform provides streamlined customization. 

Squad Stores™ – customization, controlled & simplified!

Whatever you’re selling in your Squad Store, seasons come and go! Set open and close dates for each store, granting you complete control over the ordering timeline. Don’t worry if the plan changes, you can always edit these dates!

If you want to keep a store exclusive and limit access to only specific customers, Squad Stores™ allows you to easily hide the store from your navigation and create a direct link for access. This way, you can maintain the privacy of your customers’ stores as necessary.

Ease of use is a top priority at Squad Stores™. No design experience is required – simply follow the provided steps, and you’re ready to create captivating and customizable stores. Our interactive 3D graphics enhance customer engagement, making Squad Stores™ an amazing tool for increasing customer conversion. 

Trust us; it has never been easier to provide a visually stunning and personalized shopping experience.

In each store, discover a dedicated “orders” section, allowing you to conveniently view all orders originating from that specific store in one location. This extra level of organization ensures easy access and distinction from the primary orders area of your Kit Builder, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow for managing your orders.

Squad Stores

Squad Stores™ is not just a platform; it’s a game-changer in the world of customization. Elevate your business, engage your customers, and take control of your product offerings with Squad Stores™. 

By using Squad Stores you are expanding the ordering process to work on a player level, however, you can still use the Bulk Upload feature to order Kit for the whole team. Simply download the CSV and upload all player’s names, numbers, and sizes in one go. Simplicity made easy! 

Sign up today and witness the transformation unfold before your eyes.

If you’d like to hear more about Kit Builder or Squad Stores™ please don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a demo!  

or maybe you want to check out Kit Builder today and try it for yourself: 

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