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Create outstanding designs, engage customers
and watch sales grow

Designs come to life across the globe with our 3D customizer

With Kit Builder everyone can be a designer! Our Kit Builder 3D Customizer is packed full of advanced features, creating something truly unique, has never been easier. ……. change fonts, colours and patterns, place text, change sizes and load images and logos.

Watch designs take shape dynamically, as you make changes and see them displayed in realistic 3D.

3d Customizer - Save Share and Buy

Save, share, and buy 

Create as many designs as you want, even view them side by side. Then simply save or share with others via social media. 

Kit Builder 3D customizer integrates with any ecommerce platform so link the design to your site and capitalise instantly on a sale. 

Advanced features make Kit Builder a market – leading 3D Builder

3D Customizer - Print Ready Files

Working with all printing methods, print ready files can be automatically generated in the file formats your manufacturer requires

Simple to administer 3D Customizer

Developed with non-technical users in mind, setting and changing products, categories and designs is intuitive, and full training is given

Have it your way with Kit Builders 3D Customizer

Our fully flexible software gives you the ability to create a solution that exactly reflects your business needs. Our teams are on hand to discuss your requirements

Kit builders 3D customizer works with different Languages & Currencys

With solutions in over 23 countries, Kit Builder has made it easy to upload and display information in your own currency and language.

Covert Leads with a 3D Customizer

Whether its downloading data and marketing to hot leads or exporting professional branded sales presentations. Kit Builder helps drive sales.

Keep your own branding with a 3D customizer

To ensure your users have a seamless brand experience, you can customize the look, feel of your 3D Customizer and decide on the journeys taken.

Full pricing control with a 3D customizer

Pricing is displayed in real time as customers make selections. You can set them to reflect the level of customization and preferred printing method.

Fully responsive design for your 3D customizer

Kit Builders 3D Customizer is designed to be fully responsive across all platforms and devices – phones, laptops, and tablets.

Hundreds of teams benefit from Kit Builder

Creating team kits has never been easier and is an area we have extensive experience. Our functionality ensures you can design, share, and place orders effortlessly across different sizes and designs. You can upload multiple player details and preview each kit. You have a storage area to save designs and orders, making repeat purchasing less time consuming

Hundreds Of Teams Benefit From Kit Builder

We really feel we are offering our customers a fantastic design experience, the exceptional 3D views which change dynamically really engage the customer – they can really make something unique. Being able to see the final product in a high level of detail helps replace the ability to view a product in store, something essential for our online store

Doug Hemingway – FE Custom
benefits manufacturer banner

Advanced print ready files automatically generated

Take advantage of our innovative print technology to reduce pre-production time and deliver quicker. At the push of a button pattern ready print files are produced that accommodate, elements such as seam lines and multi sizes, this eliminates hours of manual artwork and the costs associated.

Kit Builder - Customised Solutions

3D Kit Builder solutions

Kit builder’s 3D Kit Builder solution is for you, If you are currently using a mainstream ecommerce system, you can be up and running in hours. If you have your own custom system this is still easily achievable but may require some additional IT customisation. 

The complete process is overseen by our technical team who are there to support and advice you, or if needed, to complete the integration for you. 

The Kit builder, 3D speed is second to none, using the latest 3D techniques to mare sure your clients are not left waiting.

Why not give it a try now: 3D Kit Builder Showcase

Let us show you how enhances your business

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