Advanced print automation

Our market leading technology allows you to save costs, speed up production, and producing outstanding visual results.

Improving efficiency for manufacturers, across the globe

At Kit Builder we have been working alongside manufacturers for over 12 years, we have listened to their concerns and issues and developed functionality specifically to increase print efficiency and reduce production costs with advanced print automation.

It is difficult to find customization solutions that can truly provide automated print ready files, especially across multiple sizes and designs.

We are proud that our solutions are used on hundreds of products across the globe and that we have been able to contribute to our client successes.

Advanced print Automation - Kit Builder Improving Manufacturers Efficiency Globally

2hr 50mins


On average team

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60 x


Automated design
to print

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50 x


Reduce artwork time
and resource

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Go from design to print with little manual intervention – in minutes.

Our advanced technology has been created to give direct to garment manufacturing an even faster and more accurate output.  It produces pattern ready, multisized print files literally at the click of a button. 

We have also included an automated artwork approval system, ensuring the process of checking is also faster and more efficient. 

With an average saving of 10 minutes per garment, this significantly speeds up your print to delivery process across your business, plus it means delivery times are reduced for consumers, increasing customer satisfaction. 

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Cycling Suit Print

Save thousands on manual artwork with advanced print automation

If you currently spend hours on preproduction artwork you will welcome the fact that multi sized files can be created with NO manual intervention.

With an average of 10 mins per garment, over a year this will save you thousands, helping you to keep your manufacturing costs competitive as well as reducing the chance of human error.

Innovative technology gives teams outstanding visual results

Customization can provide challenges when team or group garments are ordered in different sizes, this is particularly apparent with more complex designs. Without extensive manual intervention, logos and texts can be distorted, patterns and text stretched. This often leads to designs becoming unrecognisable or not unified across the different team sizes.

Our innovative technology gives you a number of fully automated options, that allow you to set the rules!

  • You can auto size every element of the design proportionately or set areas such as logos and text to a fixed standard size.
  • You can also ‘Opticise’ – our unique, market leading technology allows you to create different levels of scaling for each element, producing outstanding visual results for every team member, whatever their size.
opticise screen market leading

With multiple customers, we wanted to be able to offer them something more. Kit Builder not only gives them an additional product and revenue stream but also increases our manufacturing output, it is a win win situation. The great thing is we can control the products released and the number of brands we offer the facility to. I cannot recommend Kit Builder more highly.

Brad Vertoeven – The Procurement Room NZ

Kit Builder has allowed BOATHOUSE to fully achieve our dream of putting our factory at the fingertips of our customers. The 360-degree modelling is truly amazing, as is the fact we can now create and maintain our custom products in-house this a small team.

John Strotbeck – Boathouse

Advanced Customizer gives visual impact 

Our advance 3D front end customizer has numerous design functions allowing both designers and consumers to create something truly unique to them. It has the advantage of changing dynamically as the design is created and the visuals are displayed in life like 3D. 

As the final image is so detailed it ensures the design, they have created looks as close as possible to the manufactured product, giving the customer more confidence to continue their journey and buy, this is particularly important as returns are not viable on customized products.

The technology works across multiple languages and currencies as well as allowing you to use the functionality across multiple clients and distributers. 

Supporting you at every step 

Our team of experience staff are on hand to help you set up the advanced printing integration as well as keep it running smoothly. 

If you require a more bespoke option to reflect your business needs, your dedicated Account Manager will be available to advise and support on advanced print automation for you every step of the way. 

Kit Builder Technical Team
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