Some of the amazing benefits of custom fonts

There are many benefits to using custom fonts in your designs, so it stands true that it can only benefit you to offer them to your customers within their Kit Builder journey.  The font you use for anything can set the tone and portray a certain message. We all immediately understand a ‘College’ font for […]

Top 4 valuable benefits of custom clothing

When we commit to a sport we dedicate a lot of time, energy, and resources, so it comes as no surprise that sportswear is at the top of our list when we think of personalized clothing.   From creating a strong sense of team spirit to helping prevent injuries during warm-ups, there are many benefits to […]

2022 Recap

2022 – A year-in-review Here at Kit Builder, we made lots of changes in 2022. Follow our journey over the past year! During 2022, Kit Builder had many updates and changes. We’ve been listening and we’ve heard you. Here at Kit Builder, we have made active steps towards improving our product to best suit your […]

Things are starting to get ugly! Deck your 3D Kit Builder with your amazing designs for clients to pick through!

Deck your 3D Kit Builder with amazing designs for clients to pick through! Not all Christmas Jumpers are made equal – there really is the good, the bad, and the ugly! With Kit Builder, you can pre-load design element options onto a 3D product for a client to pick between. Perfect for controlling those crazy […]

Take a load off with pre-loaded galleries!

Add some consistency back into your process with Pre-loaded galleries and Kit Builder.  Pre-loaded galleries on Kit Builder can help in a range of different ways. Maybe you want to limit the level of customization a client can have, or maybe you just want to make the journey as easy as possible. There are lots […]

Offer a helping hand with Centre Guides at Kit Builder!

Offer a helping hand with Centre Guides at Kit Builder! Cut down production time by saying goodbye to off-centre logos and text with Kit Builder. When creating a custom kit it’s really important to ensure all of the elements are aligned correctly, and having to confirm all customer orders are perfect can really increase your […]

🔃 Switch it Up with Kit Builder Professional 🔃

Switch it up with Kit Builder Professional Kit Builder Professional offers model switching technology that allows you to have multiple collars, cuts, or even sleeve lengths on one product.  Using Kit Builder Professional you can seamlessly swap between models on the same product to allow your clients to fully customize their items.  Don’t want to […]

Optimize with Opticize™

Optimize with Opticize™ Speed up production time by up to 60% with Kit Builder Opticize ™ Don’t miss out on speeding up your production time and saving money by passing on Kit Builder. Opticize ™ , is our Print Automation system can make a massive difference to the running of your company!  2hr 50 mins Saving 60x […]

Introducing Tooltips!

Improve your workflow with Tooltips today! We’ve been listening and we’ve heard you. Here at Kit Builder, we’re making big steps to improve our overall layout and functionality.  We understand it can sometimes feel overwhelming when learning something new and we wanted to give you a helping hand. Tooltips are a handy-dandy function to give […]