3D WooCommerce Customizer

Use our WooCommerce 3D customizer App to easily integrate a customizable 3D product range into your website.

Clients can go from design to purchase – in minutes.

Our advanced 3D WooCommerce Customizer Kit Builder technology has been created to give clients the ability to seamlessly purchase customizable products from within your own WooCommerce ecommerce website.  

As the Kit Builder is integrated into your WooCommerce site, you can be reassured your customers will never leave your online store during the entire sales process.  

Find out more about Kit Builder our: 3D ecommerce customizer

3D WooComerce Customizer
kit builder quick and easy

Integration Quick and easy, 3D WooCommerce Customizer 

The 3D WooCommerce customizer App can be installed on your current ecommerce website with a simple install process. You can be up and running in hours, ready to add your own products for your clients to customize.

Kit Builder have been integrating and adding 3D WooCommerce customizers to ecommerce platforms for many years.

The process is overseen by our technical WooCommerce team who are there to support and advise you, or if needed, to complete the integration for you. 

Due to popular demand we automated our customised outfit offer allowing customers to both design and buy. This opened up a new sales channel for us with great success. Thanks to Kit Builder and their development team we were able to simplify a detailed customisation requirement, and along with the realistic 3D visuals, it allowed our customers to buy with confidence.

Matt Henton – Moss Bros

We really feel we are offering our customers a fantastic design experience. The Kit Builder solution has allowed us to expand our addressable market by lowering our minimum order quantity and by providing a completely new level of service. It has been a great success financially and has contributed to our increased customer satisfaction levels.

Doug Hemingway – FE Custom

Dynamic Price Update

Allow your clients to customize the garment while getting a dynamic price update as they progress through their design.  

You can be reassured your customers will never leave your online store during the entire sales process using the Kit Builder 3D WooCommerce customizer.  

3D WooComerce Customizer Racewear

Advanced features make Kit builder a market – leading 3D WooCommerce customizer

3D WooComerce Customizer Computer and Mobile View



Then simply save or share with others via social media.

Kit Builder integrates with any WooCommerce eCommerce platform so link the design to your site and capitalise instantly on a sale. You can even view designs side by side.

Working with the Kit Builder team, integrating our ecommerce platform was made easy. We were able to change the look and feel to reflect our brand so the journey was seamless to our customers. Plus, the great 3D visuals and design experience is already paying off with increase sales!

Mykel Hema – Aussie Pacific


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