Technical collaboration provides market leading manufacturing solutions

The Background

Caldera is a global software company with over 25 years of experience in developing and marketing high-quality technological software, for manufacturers. Solutions include, production-orientated print and print-and-cut workflow programs, colour management, product customization, wide format imaging and processing. In addition to selling software solutions, they also have a successful sports clothing manufacturing hub called Sports Factory.

Caldera realised the trend for product customization was strong and the ability for manufacturers to create products and designs easily and quickly was a necessity. Therefore, they needed a technology partner that could fulfil this need for the Caldera Kit Builder.

The Kit Builder Solution

The Kit builder and Caldera team worked closely together to ensure the Kit Builder 3D configurator integrated into the Caldera software solution and met their needs exactly.  The market leading advanced print functionality also gave the Caldera Software the edge as it allows the full automation from design to print, reducing the need for manual intervention.

After researching the market for a state-of-the-art 3D configurator, we chose Kit Builder. Its advanced features and outstanding 3D visualisation gave us the flexibility and quality offering we were looking for. In addition, the unique design to print automation allowed us to continue to offer outstanding print and workflow solutions, saving our customers considerable time and cost.

Sebastien Hanssens VP Marketing & Operations - Caldera

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