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With online sales accelerating it has never been a better time to improve your ecommerce sales functionality. Adding a ecommerce product customizer not only gives you the ability to add new products quickly but it is extremely engaging, playing also to the increasing global trend of individualism, it’s a win win situation…

Ecommerce Product Customizer

Can ecommerce product customizers push online sales even higher?

Online sales have been increasing for years and the pandemic has further accelerated this trend. By adding a ecommerce product customizer to your online offer, will help increase sales. In just the past two years online sales have grown nearly 20% and in 2020, this equated to two billion people and 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars, worldwide!

Online acceleration is not just down to consumers who found it increasingly hard to shop in store, B2B audiences have also embraced online as a new way to engage with their suppliers. According to a McKinsey study, 70-80% of buyers and sellers said they now preferred digital, self-guided services and virtual interactions. Only 20% in the B2B environment said they wanted to go back to in-person sale.

Embracing this trend and improving your ecommerce website is now critical, as research suggests that the digital practices started in Covid are here to stay. So check out how adding a customizer to your online offer can increase your sales!

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How can an ecommerce product customizer help?

1 Quality, engaging content is essential.

Brands need consumers to stay on their site, interact and become brand advocates. Giving visitors the ability to customise products not only feeds their need for individualism and creativity but creates a talking point with their peers, generating further brand awareness.

2 Ecommerce customizers put you in the driving seat.

Product configurators give you the ability to bring new products or line extensions to market in hours, breaking the mould of weeks and months for traditional NPD. They also ensure you’re offering something on trend and different to your competitors.

3 They can be quick and easy to set up.

Ecommerce product configurators can bolt onto any existing platform. With the leading providers such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Big Commerce, customisation will become an option in as little as hours.

4 They will increase your bottom line

Customised goods can command between 20 to 50% higher prices, and because customers want something unique, you don’t have to rely on discounts and deals to secure the sale. In addition, product customisations are usually a one offs or limited runs, all reducing the need to hold high levels of stock and incurring the associated cost.

5 Basket conversion rates are higher than average

Customizers that create in 3D and allow customisable backgrounds and levels of AR help keep conversion rates high. The more realistic the visual the more the prospect has the confidence in what they are buying, so feels happier completing the transaction online.

ecommerce customizer

Push Ecommerce Sales Higher!

Push ecommerce sales higher with The Kit Builder 3D ecommerce product customizer integrates quickly into any leading ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce, Bigcommerce and Shopify. It can also be adapted by the in-house development team to any bespoke platform. The software allows your branding to be replicated within the customizer offering a seamless journey, in addition customers never leave your site when using the customizer.

Check out our 3D Customizer

Kit Builders leading 3D visuals and functionality give the user an outstanding design experience, leading to higher online conversion rates and longer brand interaction. Kit Builder has been developing customisation solutions for over 18 years and has helped hundreds of brands across the globe improve their ecommerce performance.

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Find out how Kit Builder can increase your ecommerce sales

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