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Top 4 Benefits of 3D Visuals vs 2D Visuals:

3D visuals are becoming more and more common as they offer the viewer a clear and immediate understanding of the product on sale. There are many benefits that come from using 3D visuals and we think they could make a difference to your business. In this article, we’ll discuss what we believe are the top 4 perks.

Read on to see what you think! 

Accurate Visualization

By using 3D visuals you are offering your customer the closest interaction you can with the exception of seeing the product in real life. A 3D visual allows the customer to interact with the product in real time, which they cannot do with photographs alone.

With 3D visuals, the customer can see how the model interacts with a person. This means they can see what the draping of the fabric will look like and how the cut of a garment may interfere with the design – which is very important when customers are creating their own kits. 

You can even add avatars to your products! Adding one or multiple avatars will allow your customers to click through different poses and see an accurate visualization of the garment in motion!

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Check it out!

Click here to see our leggings in action and explore multiple avatars!

Kit Builder allows you to add bespoke models so you can really be sure you are accurately showcasing the exact products you are selling. This means that every seam, pocket, and panel can be exactly what the customer is going to receive. 

Faster Product Approval 

Because 3D visuals give the customer such an accurate visualization of the products, you can cut down the approval time massively. For some of our clients, Kit Builder removes the need for an approval process altogether as it puts the emphasis back into the customer’s hands.

You can control the variables of customization with such ease that you know the customer will not be able to design something you cannot produce. Once the designs are finished the customer has seen the final product in a 360° view – what more could they want?

As 3D visuals rotate 360°, it is easier to see errors in the design for both yourselves and the customers. You can save time by spotting these errors sooner and rectifying them before they become an issue.

Kit Builders Automated Print solution is up to 60x faster from design to print and can save up to 2 hours and 50 minutes per team in preparation time. Print Automation means the orders from customers can be automated straight to print and Kit Builder will produce multi-sized outputs for the order. Don’t worry if you’d like to manually check orders before they print – Kit Builder will create the files automatically for you to print when and how you’d like!


Having 3D visuals makes your products even more accessible. Conveying your branding through 3D visuals is a multilingual process. Being able to interact with the model in real-time breaks down any language barriers, offering a more accessible form of communication.

Having a 3D visual removes the need for lengthy descriptions and text straight away. It allows for clear communication that can be understood by a larger pool of people. Having greater accessibility on your website can only mean more eyes on your products.  

Interactive elements 

In our latest blog post, ‘BENEFITS OF A 3D CUSTOMIZER,‘ we discussed the benefits of interactive elements on your website. When your customers interact with your product in a 3D environment it makes them feel more connected to the item. 3D visuals give your customers a complete product understanding through the interaction it gives.

The customers can move and rotate the product to get a full picture of what they are buying. This mimics the process of purchasing clothing on the high street but removes the stress! The effects of Covid19 are still affecting the industry and a survey of over 1000 consumers found that 80% of them do not feel comfortable trying on clothes in-store now and 64% say they will shop in person less frequently.  

These are just our top 4 benefits of having 3D visuals in comparison to 2D ones or just photographs on your website. Giving your customers the best experience on your website is imperative to a successful sale. 

Which of these benefits do you think would positively affect your business? 

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