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What is a 3D Product Customizer?

A 3D product Customizer is a tool that allows your customers to design and modify their orders in a virtual setting before they purchase. It is a 3D model that can rotate 360° and be customized right before your eyes. 

With Kit Builders 3D product customizer, you have complete control over which elements the customer can edit and how. A 3D product customizer gives your customers a real-time visual which in turn keeps them engaged in their journey to checkout.  

Interactive content can increase engagement by 52.6%. However, most online retailers still use 2D static photographs as the visuals for their eCommerce products. By switching, to a more interactive approach you could potentially increase your average viewing time from 8.5 minutes to 13 minutes! 

If the products you offer are customizable, what better way to display this on an eCommerce platform than by allowing your customers to see those customizations in real time? Maybe you can’t quite imagine this product in your chosen colors. Not a problem with a 3D product customizer like Kit Builder! Simply select the colors you want to see and remove all the guesswork! 

This can even be helpful for you with in-person sales. For example, you may have a customer who is struggling to visualize and is unsure as to whether they wish to purchase. Showing them the customization on a 3D model with the click of a few buttons can put them at ease and maybe even get their creativity flowing – resulting in even more sales! 

Online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent today. Over the last 5 years, the volume of online sales has risen by 218% and is expected to continue on an uphill trend. It’s predicted that in the next few years, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumer shopping, and as 95% of this generation has a smartphone and are 2x more like to shop on their mobile, interaction has never been more important.

What can I customize on a model with a 3D product customizer like Kit Builder I hear you ask?  

The possibilities are endless! Have a look at our Showcase to see for yourself:

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Click to see what Kit Builder can do for you!

The model itself can be completely bespoke and custom to your product. Here at Kit Builder we have a catalog of models you can purchase, but if you’d like something a little more specific, that’s not a problem! Either, one of our fabulous 3D modelers are can create one for you, or you can acquire one elsewhere! This means you can have a model with the exact seams, pockets, and cut as the product you sell. 

Building off of this you can give your customer the option to change elements of your models such as sleeve length, pocket style, or collar type. Having models that are interchangeable like this do require a specific set up so please chat with our sales team if you’d like to know more about this! 

Once you are happy with these, you can then start adding basic customization such as color options. You can completely customize which part of the models can have color options AND you can control the selection of colors for each area! This comes in handy for things such as brand logos and buttons and zips that may have a more limited color selection. 

Next up is embellishments! With Kit Builder, you can allow your customers to upload their own logos and add text to a product. Again, you have a lot of control over these from the default placements, whether they can be scaled, moved, or rotated, and how many of each they can add. You can also pre-load a gallery of items such as sponsors or graphics for customers to choose from and you can even add a range of editable clipart so your customers can make fun designs with ease! 

There is so much more you can do with Kit Builder, such as adding patterns, custom fonts, and pre-setting color palettes. If you’d like to hear more please get in touch with a member of our sales team today! 

or maybe you want to check out Kit Builder today and try it for yourself:

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