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There are many benefits to using custom fonts in your designs, so it stands true that it can only benefit you to offer them to your customers within their Kit Builder journey. 

The font you use for anything can set the tone and portray a certain message. We all immediately understand a ‘College’ font for what it represents. We know that it makes perfect sense in some designs and is inappropriate in others. This is no different when it comes to the fonts used on a sports kit. 

Kit Builder allows you to upload custom fonts with ease. This means you can give your customers the options they require to make the kit they need!

leggings name 1
numbers sirt

There are many reasons to offer custom fonts to your customers. Maybe you have some fan favorites that you know your customers love. Being able to offer your customers a selection of fonts you already know they use will encourage them to continue with their purchase. If you don’t offer custom fonts you may find that people abandon their journey or contact you with questions to ask for them. 

Another use for custom fonts is that you can offer your own branded fonts for certain elements. Below is an example of a font for numbers that is branded with the Kit Builder logo.  

custom fonts branded numbers

Branded custom fonts are another way of adding your logo to your client’s designs without having a full logo. If this option interests you, here is a guide by Adobe on how to create your own custom fonts:

As you can imagine, you may not want a branded number font to be available for every text field and/or product. If you had this font option for a ‘Player Name’ field it might look messy and take away the impact you want the branding to have. The best thing about custom fonts on Kit Builder is that it’s completely customizable – the possibilities really are endless. 

As well as wanting to limit where certain fonts are available you may want to organize your fonts in a number of ways. Different sports have traditional fonts that tend to be used in each. If you are a company that caters to a range of sports you may want to organize by type or sports to make your customer journey easy and concise. 

Custom fonts get uploaded onto Kit Builder really easily and can then can be sorted into different data sources. You can then apply a specific data source to a specific location – this is done on an individual text field (editor) level which means you have ultimate control. If you have a branded font that you only want for number fields you can create your data source of those specific fonts and apply it to only number fields.  

As discussed above you might also want to separate by sports – to do this simply create a different data source for each sport and apply them where needed. As this is done on an individual text field level it means you can choose the exact fonts for every element and you have a lot of control over the customization.  

There are plenty of reasons for adding custom fonts to your Kit Builder. 

To find out how to add custom fonts to your own 3D Kit Builder take a look at our knowledge base on Custom Fonts!

Custom Fonts are available on Professional Kit Builders and up. They are not available on Essential Kit Builders.

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