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Improve your workflow with Tooltips today!

We’ve been listening and we’ve heard you. Here at Kit Builder, we’re making big steps to improve our overall layout and functionality. 

We understand it can sometimes feel overwhelming when learning something new and we wanted to give you a helping hand.

Tooltips are a handy-dandy function to give you hints and tips on different sections of Kit Builder!

When you see a

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next to a field, click on it to unveil the info inside. It might contain a description, a rule to follow, or even some pro tips, but we’re sure you’ll find it helpful. 

We want to give you the best help we can offer, so tooltips will be a growing and changing addition to Kit Builder. Keep an eye out for more and more tooltips as they pop up!

You never know what you might find inside!

Let us show you how enhances your business

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